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About the MACS

The Maniacs are a group of people who mostly (but not exclusively) play Planetside 2. We play for the NC (New Conglomerate) faction and are located on the Cobalt server.

Initially founded shortly after the games release by MePhizto on Mallory server, we have endured two server merges. First from Mallory to Ceres and then from Ceres to Cobalt.

A significant number of our members have been with us since the very early days of Planetside 2.

We are an English speaking outfit but welcome players of all nationalities.

Our recruitment is almost solely based on a players willingness to be part of a cohesive unit. Nothing can truly be achieved in this game by a single player and if you think otherwise then you aren't fighting in the battles that matter to your faction.

We run an ops night almost every week (see forums for times) and like to provide our members with a fun but serious gaming experience.

To join our ranks, please apply via our forum.

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