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TOPIC: Lightning Cert Guide

Lightning Cert Guide 5 years 9 months ago #887

  • AbaddonTheFallen
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Hey there. I'd like to spend some certs on my Lightning, what should I bear in mind?
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Lightning Cert Guide 5 years 9 months ago #892

  • JackHerrer
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Hi there Chosen of the Gods

The Lightning tank is the fast hard hitting tank in the game, as the name suggests, but it has multiple tactical applications.

GUNZ'n shit; the basic gun is kinda shit to my opinion, high projectile drop, weak force, but 6 shot's (yeah), and that's it, so let's take a look to the better options for the NC tank driver.

1. AA Skyguard: This shit man, buy it, it's the best choice for manouvrable anti-air defence, it does massive damage to light fighters and good damage too gun/dropships.

2. AP: which speaks for itselve, if you are having trouble with thanks, 1 shot good AP damage

3. AI: the anti infantry gun is something i recently bought and i like it, large blast radius, good damage, but the AP damage isn't that great off course, but if you see enemy armour you just make haste duh :)

Performance; As I am i like certing into making things which are allready good even better, the lightning's main advantage is it's speed, certing in this isn't a bad choice, but depending on playstyle might vary. When I use a Skyguard i tend to engage and follow my targets, driving full speed in the direction they are going whilst unleashing a shitload of lead in the air, guaranteed kill on an enemy flyer. But you'll see that having more speed is an advantage when you fight enemy tanks or infantry as well, it's allways fun to be faster.

So this is a bit of info i can give you :), hope this helps a bit
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Lightning Cert Guide 5 years 9 months ago #1251

  • MrPokealot
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Another thing worth mentioning is that you should NEVER run lightnings on your own. Always ask for partners. Lightnings are only effective when you have at least 2 or more of them working together. Oh and cert into side armor. As you'll always be on the move, overall coverage is more important than front or rear armor.
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