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TOPIC: Come closer, you B%$TARD!

Come closer, you B%$TARD! 5 years 9 months ago #198

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Despite the aggressive sounding title, I simply want to know your solution to close quarter combat (CQC) as different classes. Do you knife out? Jump back? Bunny hop and hipfire? Which weapons do you use and how often (%) do you come out on top?

I've had some issues as a heavy with the SAW gun due to its relatively low RPM -> the damage offset that a bit but a CARV/Orion just tore me a new one 6 times out of 10...

Then I tried playing around with other heavy guns (EM1, Anchor) and still found them to be sub-par in comparison with my TR/VS test chars' stock weapons.

Found my solution for crampy fight conditions (towers, biolabs) in the Piston - fully auto, tossed 100 certs into extended mag and got an IRNV scope for easier scouting.. Daaamn that's nice! You take out just about any class in 3-4 shots at 5m, the killing potential drops drastically with distance, though! If you feel like trying out something new, give the Piston a try! Even the stock version is a beast, you won't have to ADS (aim down sights) a single time within those 20 mins of testing!

That said, the major downside (aside from range) is the miniscule ammo pool - you're only given 10/26 rounds with ext mag utilised, meaning you can reload two entire mags along with 6 more rounds and then you're dry. Not too bad if you're an engi sitting at point defense, but as a light assault far behind enemy lines? Nicht gut.

Some people will say why not go after the SMGs and I agree that they might be better for certain playstyles but for me, shotguns reign supreme.

PS: anyone tried the slug ammo upgrade for shotties? mmmm, range.
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Come closer, you B%$TARD! 5 years 9 months ago #264

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For CQC I suggest the GD-7F carbine with adv. laser and NV optics. Do not bother with soft point ammo, since that will only reduce your damage output in close (cq. desired) range. I used to run my GD-7F with the suppressor, but somehow I felt like my damage output got reduced by doing so. However, I am not sure if this truly is the case, it is just a gut feeling.

Also, I've done quite a bit of slug sniping with the shotgun. I think the best slug shotgun is the Sweeper (the one with the extra mag capacity). I however bought the Piston, because I also like to use the shotgun with buckshot in CQC, in which case the Piston is superior to the other shotguns. And since shotguns are quite expensive, I did not want to unlock 2 of them.

Slug sniping is tricky. It turns your shotgun into a long range sniper rifle. But beyond ~50 meters the slugs start dropping drastically. So you'll have to compensate a lot for longer range sniping. However, on mid range, it is a beast. Go for headshots (as you should always do as NC) and you'll drop people like flies. In CQC however, slugs are absolutely useless. So it is very situational, but can be a lot of fun.
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Come closer, you B%$TARD! 5 years 9 months ago #269

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What i used to use was: Anchor with adv laser sight. 600 rpm * 167 base dmg = 100.200 dpm still not as good as GD-7F (120.835). What i usualy did was to run into room activating shield spray full mag asap (50 bullets only) and than finish with Mag-Shot (75.000 dpm) (one of the best weapons in game). 60% of a time i either did not needed to switch to Mag-Shot or needed just one shot from it. What's more anchor does not reduce running speed.
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