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TOPIC: New essay by the controversial BuzzCutP

New essay by the controversial BuzzCutP 5 years 8 months ago #903

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New essay by the controversial BuzzCutP 5 years 8 months ago #907

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There is an impressive amount of thought in there. I do agree with the main thrust of the argument that the battlefield feels a bit random and I do like the idea of restricting spawns to give a notion of a front line. Although it's fun to see Lightbrigade lead us in a cutting off move of a warpgate, I'd prefer a more defined front line.

The Crown
I'm with him. I've always found the crown a bit of a frustration.

Instant action
I also like the idea of instant action having no cool down or choice. You just hit the button and end up in the action, wherever it might be.

I think his idea of using a lattice map rather than a hex based one is good but I doubt such a large change would be implemented. A similar output could be achieved by reducing the number of hexes.
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New essay by the controversial BuzzCutP 5 years 8 months ago #914

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For once I'm kind of hoping SOE wont listen to everything he says. It's been mentioned before - there wont be a lattice system. I personally find his explanation a load of bollocks, the hex is just an overlay, no more important than the HUD. Regardless of the shape on the map tactics will always remain largely the same. Unless of course you change the terrain itself, effectively changing the number of choke points/open areas/spawn points.

The influence system is something I also have no problem with. Its supposed to slow down ghost capping(which we do anyway, regardless of influence), so that the opposition has a time to react. Of course it's real weakness lies in large numbers. There are just not enough places where you can pull off a 300. Air dominance is crazy good, there are too few people who drive around with G2A missles. To me I see the map as designed more for variability in combat, emphasis on air dominance, rather than increasing difficulty the closer you get to the enemy base. Consider the famous camp waterson/alkali storage or any other places closest to the warp gates. They're completely open.

Kind of agree with the instant action, and indarside. With his version of instant action less people would be instapodded onto the crown, which would bring more emphasis on transport vehicles. IMO a really good "crown" would be a facility with lots of defences but no spawn points, and a really big resource bonus, rather than the meagre returns you get from farming. It would give more incentive for actually capturing the damn place instead of camping one side or the other.

On another hand we need more reliable instaspawn defences. If there's a guy attacking any of our spawn places, I don't want to spawn on the facility next to it, I want to be able to spawn/deploy there right away and deal with it.

As for server mergers...a bit iffy on that one. While I do agree on the whole population being too low as a problem, server mergers are DEFINITELY going to make the game lag more for low end PCs. We would literally be pushing the servers to their limit.

No deploy zones could be interesting. Everything else I pretty much agree on but it's a bit disappointing we rely on one guy to dictate what happens to the game. it gives him too much power rather than actual debate.
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